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The Pulse: Young Adult Ministry

"The Pulse," was conceived from our Pastor’s passion and desire to see the Collegians, Young Professionals and Singles of Eastchester Church: utilizing their gifts and academic accomplishments for God’s glory, growing spiritually, pursuing Godly partners and finding relevance and a sense of belonging at their home church.


Just as a pulse represents life in the physical body, so is "The Pulse," a sign of life and vitality in the ECOG church body. We possess hearts that beat with fresh blood, burn with fresh fire & throb with a pulsating passion for God!

This community under his tutelage has blossomed into an outlet and a training ground, which fosters and encourages lifestyle evangelism, a peer support system, and development of the whole person; discussing topics such as spiritual friendship, dating, marriage, identity and the like. This area of ministry is not just a social group but a closely knit family where the environment encourages freedom in sharing experiences, concerns and allows reciprocal encouragement and prayer.


Special events include the yearly summer and Christmas holiday social events along with other spontaneous opportunities for hanging out and having fellowship. Bi-weekly sessions are conducted using both a topical approach as well as book references and is facilitated with room for group discussion and expression. Young Adults between the ages of 18 and 35 are invited to join this new wave of influence as we strive to develop ourselves and advance the Kingdom for God’s Glory! Meetings commence every 1st Friday at 8:00pm and 3rd Sunday at 3:00pm.


"If there's a pulse, there's hope; If there's The Pulse, there's a future!"

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