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First Lady Heather Dixon
     Executive President
First Lady - Heather Dixon
Dorothy Jackson

Thank you for visiting ECOG Womens' Ministry Department. We are grateful to God for His limitless mercy and the unending grace, which He extends to us all daily. The Womens' Miinistry Department is devoted to various visions including prayer, Bible study, local and world missions,  benevolence, ministry to young girls,  fund-raising, and social issues that affect women. Our executive Board members are responsible for the prayer, planning and implementation of our monthly bible study. We are committed to empower, inspire, encourage and pray for each other as we understand and grow as a body.

Jesus said, that He came to give you life and to give it in abundance. Experience that abundant life. Be Encouraged to overcome issues & live victoriously. Become the amazing woman that God has called you to be, and influence those around you through empowering thoughts, words, and actions.
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